19 sudbury
SudburySet in the heart of the Stour Valley, Sudbury is an ancient market town dating back to Saxon
times, with a number of outstanding buildings and with a major historical legacy. Sudbury is a
uniquely beautiful place to visit, surrounded by attractive countryside and by quintessentially
English villages.
Perhaps Sudbury's main claim to fame is that it is the birthplace of the famous
portrait and landscape artist Thomas Gainsborough, and more of his work is on display at
Gainsborough's House than any other museum in the world.

More information: www.sudbury.org.uk, www.gainsborough.org
20 longmelford
long melford

Long Melford is one of Suffolk’s many gems. As its name implies, the village has a long High Street, populated by charming independent shops, vibrant art galleries, antique centres, cafes,
restaurants, and typical Suffolk Inns. In the past the village has been known as an antique
centre and it still has several antique shops, but now the village has a reputation for being the
place in Suffolk to view and buy works of art.
There are many interesting sights in Long
Melford, and there are also two Tudor mansions in close proximity –
Kentwell Hall and
Long Melford Hall, run by the National Trust.
More information: www.longmelford.co.uk, www.kentwell.co.uk & www.nationaltrust.org.uk/melford-hall

21 lavenhamlavenhamLavenham has been called "the most complete medieval town in Britain", a tribute to its
attractive collection of medieval and Tudor architecture where mansions of wealthy merchants
mingle with simple cottages. 
The older buildings are centred around the market place, with its
16th century Guildhall and still earlier market cross, once the scene of bear-baiting contests during
the late medieval and Tudor periods. The Guildhall is now owned by the National Trust, and houses
a permanent local history exhibition. The Wildlife Art Gallery is a must-see as it is one of the leading
art galleries of its kind in the country.

More information: www.discoverlavenham.co.uk