12 maldon
MaldonMaldon is home to estuaries for the Blackwater and Crouch rivers. The district is rich in wildlife
and has many natural attractions, including saltwater marshes, farmland and a range of charming villages. Many opportunities exist for bird watchers, artists and walkers to explore the coast and countryside via an extensive network of footpaths. Traditional industries such as barge repairing,
boat building, sail making and oyster fishing still thrive and grain is still delivered by boat at
Fullbridge Quay.
More information: www.visitmaldondistrict.co.uk

13 abberton


Abberton Reservoir is one of Europe's top wetland sites and is of international importance as
a safe haven for wild ducks, swans and other water birds, whether resident, passing through on
migration or over-wintering. Managed by the Essex Wildlife Trust, up to 40,000 ducks, swans and
geese visit each year and a wide range of small birds nest in the surrounding hedges and thickets, while the pockets of grassland provide open sunlit sites ideal for many insects, including butterflies.

More information: www.essexwt.org.uk/node/22231
14 layermarney

Layer Marney Tower is a beautiful Tudor building surrounded by formal gardens and parkland
with magnificent views to the Blackwater estuary and beyond. Situated between Colchester and
Maldon, Layer Marney Tower is the tallest Tudor gatehouse in England. 
Visitors to Layer Marney
can enjoy climbing to the top of the tower, or wandering through and enjoying the tranquillity
of the gardens, following the Wildlife Walk. 

More information: www.layermarneytower.co.uk